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If you’re still searching for the perfect blonde bombshell to fulfill your wildest fantasies - look no further. We have an amazing selection of beautiful blonde escorts for you to choose from.


Why should you choose a Blonde Escort?

All of Lollipop escorts provide a broad range of services, so you’re guaranteed to find a girl who’s compatible, fun-loving and who genuinely cares about giving you the absolute best experience during your time together. From party girls to dinner dates and everything in-between, find the best night of your life right here. 

If your preference leans more towards blondes, however - you’ll love this page. As the saying goes: blondes have more fun! Marilyn Monroe, widely regarded as the sexiest woman to walk the earth, rocked her trademark blonde ‘do and turned heads wherever she stepped. She’s in good company with fellow golden-haired sex icons Pamela Anderson, Bridgette Bardot and Scarlett Johannsen to name just a few. 

Blonde bimbos are a big turn on. A lot of pornography and even TV shows will feature a character who is far more sexy than they are smart. No doubt, they'll be a blonde. ‘Dumb blondes’ are popular for a reason, it’s regarded as extremely sexy.

 What makes Blonde Escorts so special?

Blondes are said to be more youthful, bubbly, and sexually adventurous than women with darker hair -  and it’s not all rubbish. Research does suggest that a preference for blondes is due to evolutionary reasons - it’s natural to feel a pull towards those with lighter hair. It signals youth, which in turn brings health and vitality.

Blondes are striking, energetic and vibrant. Our blonde escorts have tons of energy, perfect for overnights. She’ll look stunning on your arm should you want to show her off, she’s eager to please and she wants to make you feel as good as she possibly can.

The question is, do blondes really have more fun? There could actually be some truth to it. According to recent research 36% of men said that they prefer blondes in the bedroom
while 31% chose brunettes. Not a huge difference, but it’s definitely there.

With a blonde escort, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled night of laughter, connection and open-minded sexual exploration that will undoubtedly wind up being unforgettable. She’s down for it all from dinner dates to A-Level, domination and beyond.

About our Blonde Escorts

Our blonde escorts are sociable, fun and caring. You’ll never be stuck for conversation topics. They’re super lively, we guarantee your time together will never be boring! Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our girls’ genuine care. Their priority during the moments you spend with each other - in the bedroom, or out - is you.

It’s all about providing you with the best possible experience we can, and our girls are a huge part of that. Every single one of our escorts is 100% ready and willing to put you first, turn you on and  blow your mind (and other things).

Choosing an escort

Obviously, everyone has their own preferences, be it tall, BBW, petite etc. No worries though, Lollipop Escorts has everything you could possibly imagine. It’s a good idea to think about the type of girl you’d like to meet with. Imagine your perfect night, with the sexiest, most magnetic, willing woman of your dreams - what does she look like? 

Budget is also super important - our services are cheap but that doesn’t mean that they’re any lower quality. We aim to offer classy, beautiful escorts and a variety of safe, fun and pleasurable experiences all at a lower price point.

Speaking of services, think about the kind of encounter you’d like to have. Are you wanting to indulge in some safe recreational fun - you might consider a Party Girl. Would you like a romantic date and hotel stay with a beautiful companion? Try the GFE. Live your fantasies here.

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Maria is amazing she has a beautiful figure and amazing curves, apart from that she is extremely friendly, I simply fell in love with her!