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You do not need a professional portfolio to be able to submit your details but you will need high quality pictures to be able to appear on our website.

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We require all escorts to be of a high standard this includes a good appearance, friendly, and well mannered. It's also very important to be open-minded and genuinely love what you do and the company you will be around. Our agency has several requirements for applications - any applications that do not meet these requirements will be discarded. Our requirements are:

  1. Potential recruits must show their face in photographs
  2. Photographs must be real and up-to-date (ideally taken within the last 6 months)
  3. Potential recruits must not wear too much make-up in their photographs, to ensure that the pictures are an accurate representation of you
  4. Similarly, photoshop can only be used for minor tweaks to pictures - any that have botched edits or have clearly been heavily photoshopped will not be accepted. 5. At least one of the pictures must be a selfie