14 May, 2024

Things to do in Hackney with an Escort

So, you’ve arranged to meet up with a cheap escort in Hackney and decided to treat her to a nice date. Good on you! These ladies love being pampered like princesses, and would be more than happy to… wait, where are you going? The restaurant is back that way. Hello?

Yeah, taking your escort out for the day is a great idea, but only if you actually know where you’re headed. Sure, a spontaneous stroll can feel romantic… until you find yourselves lost in a random car park, clueless about your previous whereabouts.

To save you from such embarrassment, and to ensure your romantic day is well-planned, Lollipop Escorts brings you the definitive guide to all the exciting things to do in Hackney with a cheap escort - and exactly where to find them.


Things to Do in Hackney with an Escort

Packed with vibrant culture, hip spots, and some seriously fun activities, Hackney is a playground for those with a taste for something a bit different. Here are some great activities for you and your Hackney escort to get up to:

Experience the Hackney Carnival

Where is it: The whole of Mare Street - from Mentmore Terrace to London Fields

When is the Hackney Carnival: September 22nd

Sometimes, a perfect date requires more than just a romantic dinner and a glass of wine. Sometimes, you want a little oomph… an explosion of colour and culture… a perfect icebreaker with your date. Well then, for you, we recommend attending the long-awaited return of Hackney Carnival!

Not sure when the carnival rolls into town? Mark your calendar for September 22nd because you're in for a treat! Taking place between 11 am and 7 pm, this spectacular show is the perfect way to kick off your rendezvous.

Groove through the streets with your stunning companion (Laurette would be the perfect girl for this), shaking your hips to infectious Caribbean beats, whilst marvelling at the eye-catching floats and vibrant costumes on show. Now how’s that for a unique date?

Laugh Out Loud at the Hackney Empire

Where is it: 291 Mare St, London E8 1EJ

What’s a date without a few giggles? Better yet, instead of making her laugh with your godawful pickup lines, why not let someone else take the spotlight - and if we’re honest, do a better job of it?

The Hackney Empire is an iconic venue offering everything from stand-up comedy to thrilling live theatre. It’s the perfect spot to share a laugh with your date, especially if a big-name comedian like Jimmy Carr is performing! Plus, you know what they say about laughing a girl into bed… wait, does that work if someone else is making the jokes?

Get Competitive with Crazy Golf

Where is it: Arch 407 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH

There’s nothing better than a hole-in-one… and, no that kind… you dirty boy. We’re talking, of course, about crazy golf!

So, for something a bit quirkier than your usual date, why not challenge your Hackney girl to a round at Plonk Crazy Golf in Hackney? It’s fun, it’s competitive, and it offers plenty of chances for playful flirting. Just don’t let your escort beat you too easily… unless, of course, that’s what you’re into.

Things To See in Hackney With An Escort

We’ve covered the things to do in Hackney, now for the things to see... and boy, will you be spoilt for choice. Here are some of our favourite sights to treat your date to:

Visit the Iconic Victoria Park

Where is it: Grove Rd., London E3 5TB

Need a breath of fresh air? Perhaps a scenic walk where you and your escort can chat and flirt the day away? Well, we’ve got just the place for you.

Situated between Tower Hamlets and Hackney, Victoria Park - affectionately known as the 'People's Park' - offers lush landscapes and scenic waterways perfect for a romantic stroll. It’s only a 5-minute taxi ride from town, so why not pack a picnic and enjoy a serene afternoon? Lounging on a blanket, sharing naughty stories, in the company of a scorching hot babe? Now that sounds like pure bliss to us.

Explore the Street Art

Where is it: Hackney Wick

Move over, Picasso… there’s a new masterpiece in town. Scratch that! There are hundreds of masterpieces in town - created by some of the most talented graffiti artists in the nation.

As you may or may not know, Hackney is a canvas for some of the city's most striking street art, so why not admire the beauty with a companion by your side? Take a leisurely walk and admire the vibrant murals that tell stories of the area’s dynamic culture. It’s different, it’s unique, and it might just be the breath of fresh air that your escort has been gasping for.

Catch a Movie at the Hackney Picturehouse

Where is it: 270 Mare St, London E8 1HE

A movie, you say? Yep, this still counts as sightseeing in our eyes!

So, after a day full of activities, why not wind down with a film at the Hackney Picturehouse? Whether you’ve settled for an indie flick, blockbuster hit, or cult classic, it’s a cosy way to end the day, snuggled up in the back row. And with the dim lighting... well, who knows where a bit of hand-holding might lead?

Where to Eat in Hackney With an Escort

Romantic dinner dates in a lavish restaurant - it’s a classic for a reason. So after a day of exploring the town, why not take head on over to one of the top restaurants in Hackney listed below:

Experience the Rustic Charm of The Spurstowe Arms

Where is it: 68 Greenwood Rd, London E8 1AB

What is the price range: ££

Sure, fancy restaurants are nice and all, but a little pub grub can go a long way.

So, for those who enjoy a more traditional pub vibe, The Spurstowe Arms offers delicious gastro-pub fare in a charmingly rustic setting. It's perfect for those who appreciate a cosy ambience, a good ale and even better company. It's a nice spot adored by Hackney escort Emma, so we recommend surprising her with a meal in this quaint pub after a long day. 

Enjoy a Hearty Meal at LARDO

Where is it: Unit 3, 201 Richmond Rd, London E8 3NJ

What is the price range: ££

If you fancy an Italian-inspired meal with a twist, LARDO is a spot you shouldn't miss. Damn, look at us spittin’ bars…

Established in July 2012, this stylish restaurant quickly became a favourite among East London's foodies. Serving up a daily-changing menu influenced by the seasons of Italy, every visit to this popular venue could offer something new and exciting. The vibe here is relaxed and child, making it perfect for a casual yet intimate dining experience.

Dine in Style at Pidgin

Where is it: 52 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG

What is the price range: ££££

Pidgin is one of those must-try places if you fancy impressing your date with some culinary delights.

Now, yes, we know what you’re thinking. This high-end modern European restaurant may seem a little too expensive for your liking, but this is the perfect place for those looking to splash out a little. With a menu that changes weekly, it's like a gastronomic adventure in a cosy setting - perfect for those getting-to-know-you moments. Sounds nice, right? It might even be worth paying a little extra for such an experience.

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